Put your data to work.

Our artificially intelligent platform integrates your siloed data sources,  calculates critical KPIs to your business, then provides insights for you to share with your team. Quickly analyze your progress, create reports, set goals, and execute.

Your dashboard is dumb.

Dashboards and "business intelligence" tools display your data as-is, they don't give you actionable insight.  Malartu sorts your data and calculates KPIs up front so that you can compare apple to apples...

Ever wondered what your customer acquisition cost was across all marketing channels? We'll tell you.

Ever wondered how that stacks up against your peers? We'll tell you that, too.

Learn what Malartu can do for you.

"The Malartu CAC vs LTV analysis gave us the confidence to spend more on advertising. We're seeing significant increases in revenue in only 2 weeks."

You won't be the first to love us.

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- Eliza Ash

Simple Communication

Lose the spreadsheet.

View all the data from your integrated tools in one place, constantly calculated and ready for your analysis. 

It used to take days to gather data, run a few calculations, and create a good-looking report. With the help of Malartu, it takes seconds.

One Data Hub

Invite people to follow dashboards or receive publications of your report. Set permissions for who can collaborate with you or who can view what report.

Drag and Drop Dashboard

Customize dashboards for your viewing, or turn them into report templates to publish to your team, investors, or other shareholders. It's that easy.

Integrates with the tools you already use, such as...

Get back to building your business, not  building reports.

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